Angels In Our Midst

It’s World Teacher’s Day. People all around the world gather to celebrate these great men and women who have spent their lives moulding the next generation of citizens.

Education is the bedrock of any society. We are quick to utter this statement. Sadly, most times we are just paying lip service. Teachers go unappreciated most of the time for all the hardwork they put in. I dare say that a  teacher’s reward should not just be in heaven!

I can boldly say that my teachers contributed immensely to the way my life has turned out. I remember how I never particularly liked Mathematics and just struggled to get by throughout my years in Junior Secondary School.

In Senior Secondary School, things took a different turn when I got new teachers. I so fell in love with the subject because of the approach of these new teachers that I started attending Further Maths classes for fun even though I was in the Arts Class. Eventually, I had the same grade in both Mathematics and English Language in my WASSCE. That feat I never would have imagined possible. My romance with Mathematics is still very much intact.

That is just one of the many testimonies I have thanks to the influence and impact of great teachers!

Interestingly, I had the opportunity in the course of my service year to take up this noble profession. I remember how I loathed the idea initially. I tried all I could to ensure that I spent that year as a broadcaster and definitely not a teacher. I was blind to this golden opportunity I had been presented with. It turned out to be one of my most fulfilling experiences. I was able to mentor some of my students and I’m hopeful that someday soon, I’ll hear great things concerning them.

Who is that teacher you’ll never forget and why? Are you a teacher? What do you find most rewarding about the job? Let’s light up the comments section.

In whatever way you can, please celebrate the angels in our midst. Happy Teacher’s Day!



3 comments on “Angels In Our Midst

  1. Nice !! I wasn’t fortunate to get good Math teachers but thank God for my Mum (teacher) Dad ( was a teacher in his early days ) Mrs Kuyinu and a host of others.

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