#ThankfulThursday #TestimonyThursday

Happy New Year!!! It’s the first Thursday in 2017 and I’m super excited and grateful!

I thank God for life! I can never take the gift of life for granted. It sounds cliché but so many people shouted “Happy New Year” but never lived to see the next day. God has been gracious and merciful and I’m grateful!

Divine protection! Journey mercies. As is common during the yuletide season I travelled to celebrate and spend the time with friends and family. The journey was smooth to and fro. I bless God.

2017 was prophesied to be a year of pleasant surprises. I’m thankful for the move of God in this regard that I have already experienced. I remember a post by Nathaniel Bassey towards the end of 2016 about unexpected bank alerts.



I tapped into it and said a big amen! To the glory of God I have started seeing the manifestations! Hallelujah! Indeed, God is good!

What are you thankful for? Pray, share!


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