Let’s Play Catch-Up

Hello! Happy new month! I trust God that this month will bring new mercies and it would bring pleasant beginnings as well in Jesus name. 

I was AWOL the whole of July, but thank God I’m back and as you can see, I have turned a new leaf. So help me God! Five posts were written (in my head) but none ever made it to the keyboard, talk less of getting published *covers face* So here’s my attempt at making it up to you, a pot pourri of sorts, sharing tit bits of what would have been those posts. Let’s play catch-up, shall we?


I remember clearly that July started on a ‘funny’ note for me… I thanked God for life and His mercies, making it into the second half of the year but I was down with malaria. I was pretty upset in my spirit and all. Praise God for speedy recovery. A couple of days later, I was up and about again. 

Mid way into the month, my fellow otondos and I were in the neighborhood, organizing a rally as part of the publicity for an upcoming event at the RCCF Family house. It was lots of fun! All of a sudden, Nollywood style, the unexpected happened. I got hit by a bus! It was like film trick! Just as you see in the movies mehn! I remeber I came back home that day pretty beat up cos it had been a long day. Asides the event at the Family House that weekend, I was also planning a program of my own at my Place of Primary Assignment(PPA) so it had been a wakabout kinda day. So, back to the gist…As we were distributing handbills, singing, dancing and talking to people, one of the brothers across the street asked for some handbills. As I made to cross the street, I saw a keke (tricycle) speeding towards me. I jumped back just in time to be saved from being hit. I heaved a sigh of thanksgiving to God for that close shave and for saving me. I made to cross the street again just a few seconds after the keke incident. I turned last minute again and this time it was a bus! I jumped back but it was too late. GBOA! The metal against my right arm. I spinned as I lost balance from the impact of the hit. You know what? My God is awesome! I was wearing my khaki uniform and that minimized the impact of the hit. The arm was fine. Just as we often declare, nothing missing, nothing broken! Praise God!

I did mention earlier that I was preparing for a program at my PPA. The day I found out I was posted by NYSC to a girls only school to teach, I knew God had lots of things in store. It gave me a platform to interact with and speak to the girls regularly, as well as mentor some of them. This is something I had been doing for a while before my service year but had somehow gone low key on. I knew this was an opportunity to reignite that passion. Towards the end of the academic session I organized a seminar for the girls. Before getting to that point I was freaked out by a lot of things. This is a ‘strange land’. Where do I go to for help? Will people buy into the vision? Who will help with this? Will the girls even attend the seminar? Money nko? But as usual, God showed me in ways beyond any iota of doubt that He is still God and He is ever faithful! It was favor galore. God sent help and glorified His name. The feedback from the girls was a-ma-zing! I just bless God!

The seminar for the girls was on Friday. It was the start of a long but wonderful weekend. The program that we were publicizing when I got hit by the bus was on Saturday and Sunday. Brothers’ and Sisters’ Weekend 2016. We had games in the morning on Saturday, dinner in the evening  and then thanksgiving service on Sunday Morning. That program was testimony filled! From having to raise extra funds at the last minute so our guest minister could come from Lagos to Benin, to praying that the flight would not be cancelled or delayed so our program would not be messed up, to the bus incident, life transforming revelations on Saturday and Sunday, the list is endless… God yet again surprised us at the RCCF Family House. 

Then one fine evening we’re having devotion at the Family House and the brother that spoke talked about seeds and fruits and all of a sudden it was as if I had never read Galatians 5:22-23 before! Interestingly though lots of us want to exhibit the fruit of the Spirit but we forget that there’s a process to everything. The Bible says in John 15:2b that “and He cleanses and repeatedly prunes every branch that continues to bear fruit, to make it bear more and richer and more excellent fruit.” Cleansing and pruning are painful. A tuck here, a nip there; its not a pretty process. It’s a messy one. Going thought the refiner’s fire. The beauty is that we come out on the other side purified as gold… Vessels fit for the masters use. May God help us to submit to the process that unearths our true selves and brings out the best in us. Amen. 


Whew! That has to be the longest post I’ve ever put up on here. What did I miss out on with you in the last month? Let’s play catch-up, shall we? 


9 comments on “Let’s Play Catch-Up

  1. Awesome composition. Nice to find out you are a fruit bearing corps’ member. Glory to God for keeping you without a scratch. I bless God who has singled you out to be a vessel of gold. Pls continue to make your light so shine.

  2. Nice write up! Long time no write lol

    Thanks for opening my eyes to a new realm of GOD – “… pruning is painful,” is something I needed to hear at this point 😊

  3. Wow!!!!!! I am not big on reading epistles, somehow I get uninterested in between. But I enjoyed this piece,GODBLESS and increase you on every side in JESUS name.

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