Day 10 #12DaysOfThanksgiving

                ITS OKAY TO BE GRATEFUL


So I once heard that gratitude is expressed when something is done for you that is not earned. Hmmmmmm

Lets do a quick revision of our lives;

Make a list of five things you are likely to be grateful for;

*God’s protection

*God’s provision

*The breathe of life

* The air we breathe

And maybe the last one will be for blessing you with Boo/Bae.

All of these are wonderful things to be grateful for but trust me,

There is more.

Remember that beautiful baptist hymnal that says, “Count your blessings and name them one by one.”? We really should learn to count every blessing God has done. It is just a great way of showing gratitude.

It also shows that you acknowledge God enough to remember ALL he has done for you.

2015 has been a very unique year for me; So many high moments and a few low moments…

It was a different kind of growth phase for me and trust me this phase comes with its dark moments when you just want to cave in and quit! 

But you know what I did? I didn’t QUIT, I tried another day, I kept following, and God won’t just let me quit this thing called LIFE.

During that phase, I realized that its usually darkest before dawn. In the midst of the darkest skies, God is still God.

It might be really dark right now, all you need is a little flicker of light from the SUN.

When the Light of the world reveals himself to you, even the dark night would take to their heels.

Going back to making that Gratitude list, this would be mine…

*Grateful because God is unchanging. He has never changed and he won’t start now.

*Grateful for his constant show of Love. Be grateful for his love, his love is unfailing.

*Grateful for the low moments. A very few number of people remember God in their low moments. Remember that its in being grateful for low moments that you get Bigger… And wider.

*Grateful because God is unfailing. He doesn’t have it in himself to fail.. God is God and he remains faithful. Thank him.. Give him praise because he is worthy.

If its not working now, its not a failure on your part.

Fact is:God never fails.

2016 is just a few blocks away. And if I were you, I will enter his gates with Thanksgiving.

Its a more beautiful year ahead and I would possess the gates of 2016 with gratitude and Thanksgiving.

Listen, Life will happen, only the dates will change but God is God and he wont fail you..

Its Okay to be GRATEFUL!

He isnt thirsty. He just deserves all our GRATITUDE and all our praise and attention..

Say Thank You because It’s Okay to be GRATEFUL
Olanrewaju Olayode is a teacher and school administrator who discovered her passion for children and has worked very hard since then to bring smiles to the face of less privileged kids around her. ‘Aunty Lanre’ as she is fondly called is the founder of the Aunty Lanre Initiative, a charity foundation that specializes in reaching out to kids in poor neighbourhoods and orphanages.


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