Day 10 #12DaysOfThanksgiving

                ITS OKAY TO BE GRATEFUL


So I once heard that gratitude is expressed when something is done for you that is not earned. Hmmmmmm

Lets do a quick revision of our lives;

Make a list of five things you are likely to be grateful for;

*God’s protection

*God’s provision

*The breathe of life

* The air we breathe

And maybe the last one will be for blessing you with Boo/Bae.

All of these are wonderful things to be grateful for but trust me,

There is more.

Remember that beautiful baptist hymnal that says, “Count your blessings and name them one by one.”? We really should learn to count every blessing God has done. It is just a great way of showing gratitude.

It also shows that you acknowledge God enough to remember ALL he has done for you.

2015 has been a very unique year for me; So many high moments and a few low moments…

It was a different kind of growth phase for me and trust me this phase comes with its dark moments when you just want to cave in and quit! 

But you know what I did? I didn’t QUIT, I tried another day, I kept following, and God won’t just let me quit this thing called LIFE.

During that phase, I realized that its usually darkest before dawn. In the midst of the darkest skies, God is still God.

It might be really dark right now, all you need is a little flicker of light from the SUN.

When the Light of the world reveals himself to you, even the dark night would take to their heels.

Going back to making that Gratitude list, this would be mine…

*Grateful because God is unchanging. He has never changed and he won’t start now.

*Grateful for his constant show of Love. Be grateful for his love, his love is unfailing.

*Grateful for the low moments. A very few number of people remember God in their low moments. Remember that its in being grateful for low moments that you get Bigger… And wider.

*Grateful because God is unfailing. He doesn’t have it in himself to fail.. God is God and he remains faithful. Thank him.. Give him praise because he is worthy.

If its not working now, its not a failure on your part.

Fact is:God never fails.

2016 is just a few blocks away. And if I were you, I will enter his gates with Thanksgiving.

Its a more beautiful year ahead and I would possess the gates of 2016 with gratitude and Thanksgiving.

Listen, Life will happen, only the dates will change but God is God and he wont fail you..

Its Okay to be GRATEFUL!

He isnt thirsty. He just deserves all our GRATITUDE and all our praise and attention..

Say Thank You because It’s Okay to be GRATEFUL
Olanrewaju Olayode is a teacher and school administrator who discovered her passion for children and has worked very hard since then to bring smiles to the face of less privileged kids around her. ‘Aunty Lanre’ as she is fondly called is the founder of the Aunty Lanre Initiative, a charity foundation that specializes in reaching out to kids in poor neighbourhoods and orphanages.


Day 9 #12DaysOfThanksgiving

Hello people,

I have a feeling I am the most blessed in 2015, as God was always in a hurry to show himself on my behalf, I always have something to look forward to. Every time I triumph, so I’m always full of joy in my heart.

One of God’s promises for me was to enlarge my territory, so God helped me as I dived into different areas of my field‎s and God established me in all the fields. 

From one event planning to another, even when I thought I would run out of business, people kept remembering and referring me to friends and family, this amazed me a lot, because I know I am not the best in the field but God favoured me.

I also started rentals business of ushering dresses and event instruments this year. God opened my eyes to investing in that aspect and till now, I do not have any regret whatsoever. I also was able to buy and start a cocktail business, which has opened more doors of publicity‎ to me.

I was referred to train people at a training school‎, specifically on event management. At first I felt inadequate to the extent that I messed up in my first class with so much stammering but the owner of the school kept encouraging me. I knew it was God that favoured me entirely because the owner had sent one or two lecturers away for not delivering. I thank God for establishing me in the school. Now I have been there for five sets and I’m still there. It could only have been God.

I got a job that allowed me time to do my business! I t doesn’t happen in any organisation for a boss to permit a person one day in the week off to do another business but I found favour with God and men.

My eyes are opened to many truths of God’s words lately and I’m glad I belong to God. I give him the glory for always keeping me from accidents or evil. This year I travelled a lot and moved about so much and God kept me and for this I’m glad.

Join me in praising him for his goodness and mercies endure. He has been too good to be true in every life, he amazed us over and over again and I will yet praise him. I look forward to a joyous new year 2016.

Thank you Lord.


Day 8 #12DaysOfThanksgiving

January started with me being a bit sick. Got back to Benin after the clearance exercise was over. But God raised one guy, named Tayo, my CDS president at the time, with whom I didn’t have a prior relationship, who fought for and made sure I got it done.

February: Travelled home to surprise the mother. Dad showed how wonderful he was by coming to get me where I was stranded. Before, Apostle Shedrack Gentle had come to give some deep rhema about the women in Jesus’ life that was going to change the course of my life. A loved one passed on.

March: Election period. So many scary news. Benin is the headquarters of kidnapping. “Ha Tito don’t walk alone (me that I’m a loner) Tito don’t take a taxi with only men inside(ehehn so there are no women ritualists) But God kept me and many other corpers.

April: I travelled home the next day Buhari finally won. That was a miracle. And then so was my aunty’s 50th. And then Dunamis and then the journey back to Benin.

May: Some firsts. A proper photoshoot. That I didn’t pay one naira for. Healing testimonies. First flight that I didn’t pay for. To and fro. Yes. It was indeed my birthday month.

June: I’d already stopped teaching. POP was in a month. 2015 was getting better. Some person took it upon himself to plan surprise movie nights, trips and even just evening walks to make sure I didn’t stay home all day. One weekend: 3 states(Oyo, Lagos and Edo). Breakfast with the Adeyemis.

July: POP. NYSC over! Some painful goodbyes. HOTR Benin, Pastors Iyke and Lisa and Wale (I thought). Home. What next? A close friend’s mum passed on

August: Two of my dearest friends decide to leave the country. In a space of a week. Then Makeup business and work starts.

September, October: These months! I do not even know how I survived. If you follow my posts, you’d know something was happening. People rallied round but the “P” in problem is Personal. The only Person I could really talk to was HS and he had already talked to me about these months. It was the learning curve for me. The conception process. It was as though every sermon was preached for me. Especially in October.

November: It was as though the cloud wasn’t going to lift until I agreed. I had to seek an Elizabeth. I had to keep going. Once I did, everything returned to better. It was as though those months never happened. Birth of ArikeWrites, ArikeCards and Arike! *winks*

December: He crowns the year with His goodness and His paths drops fatness.

2015. My Year of Taking Me Deeper.

2016: See you soon!