Day 7 #12DaysOfThanksgiving

Hello dear people! I’m sorry for the break on the #12DaysOfThanksgiving series. One or two challenges came up. Thankfully, they’ve been resolved. I do pray that today’s post blesses you.  Happy new year in advance. By God’s grace 2016 is going to be wonderful. Get ready to testify!


What have I learnt the most this year? I have learnt to trust God completely because He is always faithful, I have learnt I can do anything through Christ and I have learnt to give thanks, ALWAYS!

I started the year with serious fire (as we all do). I had plans! I wanted to do a Broadway show, I wanted a short film out, I wanted to go to a film school, I wanted to lose weight and many other things. Most importantly, I wanted to develop the gratitude culture.

Basically, 2015 was supposed to be an awesome year in every area of my life. It was my year of ‘thanksliving’, a year that I wanted to be grateful,always grateful! I even had a diary ready, to count my victories of the year. 

Of course, the first month was easy. I wrote everyday without fail but as the months went by, it became increasingly difficult. Life started to happen.

Very quickly, the year started going by very fast and I had achieved almost nothing except that I had added a few more pounds. I started getting very bored, all the greatness I saw was fast fading. 

It’s easy to be grateful when things go well, it might even be possible to find something to be grateful for when you experience not-so-pleasant situations but the days when life is boring and just seems to be passing you by, the days when you actually forget to be grateful are the real struggle. I have learnt that being grateful is a state of mind.

I was given a scholarship to a film school in August, and we had to do a short film competition at the end of our projects. My story was hands down the best story and in classwork, I was always the best. Everyone just expected that my short film would win the competition. My story was about two sisters and at the last minute, I decided to take up a challenge one of my teachers threw at me. He told me to cast one person as the two sisters, make her identical twins. The challenge was preposterous! How can a student filmmaker shoot something so technical? It’s impossible! And because it’s impossible, I took on the challenge. The result of the challenge was that my film was messed up and I didn’t win the award for the best film. I won for the best screenplay though, but I didn’t win the ultimate prize. 

Now, I had two options. The first option was to cry, blame everybody (especially my teacher) and be ungrateful. The second one was to give thanks, do an appraisal and move on. I decided to take the second option and redo the film. I became grateful for the opportunity to undertake what veteran directors would run away from. The doors that opened up to me because of that action were amazing!

At the beginning of the year, I wanted to do a Broadway show in Ibadan. I wanted it to be grand. But months kept going by and I couldn’t even write a word on the script. I was suffering from the worst case of writer’s block I had ever experienced in all my years. And once again, I had two options; to be grateful or to be frustrated. I chose to be grateful for the opportunity to even have writer’s block in the first place. Shebi it is because I am a writer that I can claim writer’s block. 

At the time when I started proclaiming to everyone that I wanted to do a stage play, I had nothing! And during the planning of the stage play, I was constantly faced with two options; to give up or be grateful for God’s faithfulness. Somehow, through no strength of mine, I chose to be grateful. Everytime I have been grateful, I have seen God move. 

Looking back now, it’s just one day to the end of the year and I am grateful. I don’t have as much money as I was hoping I would by the end of the year, I’ve gained more weight than when the year started and I have been duped and betrayed this same year…but for everything that I might think is a negative thing going on in my life,I have so many positives to make up for it. 

I am grateful for life, grateful for landslide achievements, grateful for beautiful family and friends, grateful that at this time in my life, I have achieved so much and more importantly, I am grateful that I still have so much to look forward to. 2016 is the year of serious THANKSLIVING and the my year of size 10(I pray).


 Omolola Lamikanra is the creative director at Shift7 Media. She is also a passionate filmmaker and storyteller.


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