Day 5 #12DaysOfThanksgiving

It was a beautiful Friday morning, just a few days into the new year. People were still basking in the newness of the year and the stickers of various slogans of the newly born year from different churches shone brightly behind cars. Every step I took was very motivated. My plans for the year glittered in my mind under the rays of renewed hope. I had called in at work to say I would be late because I needed to dash down to the market on a quick ‘life-saving’ errand. It was my friends wedding day and I had been an integral part of the planning and it was my last duty. Moreso, I needed to compensate her for not being able to attend the ceremony because I had a long meeting scheduled for the time she would walk down the aisle and all. So, I breezed into the market which still wore the face of the festive season and was scanty since many traders were yet to return from their villages where they had travelled long distances to spend the holidays. I didn’t have the luxury of time to stop by every store and ‘price market’ so I quickly cut to the chase and bought what I needed to. Just outside the market was the parking lot where another friend of mine waited to collect what I bought so she could dash down to deliver the things to the bride in good time. I stepped into the parking lot to meet up with this friend of mine when something happened. I was dialing her phone number as I walked beside an abandoned truck when a drunk driver of a truck swerved off the road and knocked me down. In a split second, I was under a moving truck and right on the tracks of its huge tyres ready to be crushed like minced meat. Contrary to what people say when they have near-death experiences, my life didn’t flash before me. All I could hear was the voice of my pastor saying “It’s our year of Triumph”, and like a stunt woman in an action movie, I swiftly rolled away from under the moving truck and into safety under the abandoned truck. People screamed ” She don die o!” but I came out with my handbag still sitting pretty on my shoulder, my phone in my hand and the carrier bag of things I bought intact and without a scratch! Hehe.

I called my mother to share my adventure to which news she swung into her prayer warrior mode. I will never forget the discussion we had over the phone that day because it was one of the last we had as because she passed on a few weeks after that incident which swung me into another phase of my life; a phase I embraced bravely but was never prepared for. I would look at her peaceful face on days when we visited the morgue just before she was buried and reminisce about her beautiful smile which now turned into a straight face. I never imagined that she wouldn’t sit on her favorite chair this Christmas to plan the children’s Christmas party in our neighborhood or direct how food portions were distributed so they could get to everyone that lived around and needed the food the most. I missdefinitely  her every day. 

I tried relationships in 2015 and they were not without their share of heartbreaks. What is wrong with all you Lagos guys? Haha! I’m now accepting proposals from Rich French men and I don’t mean West African French speaking men but the original ones who live very close to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Hehe. Career wise, 2015 was miraculous for me. I quit my old job , reconstructed my CV and ‘mistakenly’ took it to church for a convention where it literally disappeared. (My God is always full of surprises) After searching for the paper all over the church like one on an expedition, I got tired and in my moment of calm heard the Holy spirit clearly tell me” Why are you so concerned about a missing paper? Trust that He who has begun  a good thing is faithful to bring it to perfection” That just warmed my heart such that when He told me to take the next step of faith, I didn’t hesitate. He asked me to dress up every morning like I was going to the office I had in mind and when it was 8am, pray fervently mostly thanking God for a new job and confessing that I can never be jobless. I did that for a week and the following Monday, I was doing my laundry when I got a phone call from the MD of the company where I work today offering me a job on my own terms and conditions. (Housefly will soon enter that mouth you left ajar. hehe)

This is just a tip of the iceberg of my year in review but  is safe to say I had a colorful year. When I was high, I was up high and when it rained challenges, it poured. However, one thing remained constatnt, God remained Faithful. My faith was strenghtened , I conquered some of my fears with many more to go as I grow in the knowledge of God. I’m not where I want to be yet but I’m Miles away from where I used to be. As 2016 approaches, I’m back on the drawing table of my life as I restrategize so that I can start conquering the year early and strongly too. There’s so much more to be done and achieved. Chai! when I hear somethings my mates in Hollywood are doing, I feel like burying my head in my grandmother’s laps. lol. But hey, God’s plan for us are good and not evil and we have an expected end in Him. Yes o! the future is still bright, you can’t see it? Biko put on the torchlight of of God’s word on it. ehen, you can now see it abi?

Go and win everyday simply because YOU CAN! Impossible is nothing with our God. Write the resolutions, pursue them, if you fall you will stand up , dust yourself and keep running even if your leg is in a caste. No time! 2016, here we come!

 All the best!


I’m AnuOluwapo Adelakun and I love to write; I really do. I believe everyone should not only think but live outside the box… why punish yourself? I’ve got a million and one questions I try to answer or just throw at your face through my pieces is where my pen gets busy everyday – after all, what’s life if one can’t follow ones passion?


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