Day 4 #12DaysOfThanksgiving

As I set out to come up with this piece, the Holy Spirit refreshed my memory, enlightened the eyes of my heart to see my 2015 comprehensive Logbook of testimonies. Now I’m counting my blessings one by one  and singing Halleluyah! The  book contains a plethora of testimonies but I will try to be as concise and precise as possible – leaving you with 2 or 3 testimonies.

This year began with fears, uncertainty and doubts as the year 2014 dealt a devastating  blow at me when I lost  my dearly beloved Dad to the cold hands of death. By this time,all hands were on deck in preparation for my senior brother’s wedding which was slated to hold on Valentine’s Day outside Nigeria and the whole family was to attend. So here we were :

1. Dads demise,

2. Brother’s wedding and 

3. Election period : The government in power ensured money was not in circulation.

So “triple wahala “ you may say. However,we  went ahead to fix the dates for the obsequies and BOOM! God showed up just when all hope was about to be lost. He raised men to assist the “minishry” and ensured that all went well beyond our “fathomability”. Dad was laid to rest on my birthday, 23rd of January.

Another incident which I cannot forget in a hurry was how I was persecuted when I got back to work from “d oversea”. Like I was the first person to travel out of the country  in my village, or it was too grievous an offense for being able to go on such a trip with the prevailing economic realities in the country, a group of colleagues set out to frustrate all my efforts. I already had an exit plan which was to lead me into my next phase in life, so I decided not to resign until all was set, but I almost lost my job in the midst of the office quagmire which I found myself. I was accused of stuff I didn’t know about and  these people prevailed on my MD to lay me off as punishment. You know how it ended, my LORD frustrated the devices of the crafty, that their hands were not able to carry out their enterprise upon me. I resigned honorably with these same set of people sending me off with monetary favours and gift items – Chai….they miss me in that office ehn….They didn’t even want to let me go -Victory Halleluyah!

At this time according to my plan, the next stage was supposed to have been activated init? Hmmmm my brother, my sister, things went downside up. I had to sell my car and I remained in limbo for about 4 good months until the break came. The break did not waka come alone as the enemy also came with body pain which ushered me into December. The doctor said he will operate on it and I will not be able to do much by myself for at least 3 weeks…My people, the same doctor re-examined me and could not find anything to operate on! As I write, I have been made whole by the mercy of God on my life and I am in the new stage of my life which I longed for .

Can somebody shout Halleluyah.  *inBabaAdeboyesvoice*

Never forget that when effectual doors have been opened unto you, you will face adversity. You may be doing the will of God and still have to fight. But the same God has told us that in all these things we face , our victory is ascertained because He has overcome the world for our sakes (John 16:33).

Be encouraged, He will crown your year with His goodness and your paths will drop fatness (Ps. 65:11). You will testify before the end of this year in Jesus name. Amen!

Merry Christmas and have a happy new year!!!


Damilola  Adesiyan  is a comely young man who hails from the ancient city of Ibadan, the Oyo state capital in Nigeria. He has a legal background, but is currently a  Public Relations strategist, content provider, aspiring social and digital media marketer, speaker, events manager and a comical event host.

He is the last of five boys and loves random reading, traveling, meeting people, touching lives positively amongst others.

Instagram @Oludesh  
Twitter @DamiOludesh  


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