Day 3 #12DaysOfThanksgiving

Hello everyone. Compliments of the life changing season. Yes!! I’m here to testify!! 

2015…I learnt a lot… Made a lot of dry jokes especially this harmattan period or screwdrivertan (that’s a very dry joke). But I’m here to share my challenges turn testimony.

 If I were to theme 2015, it’ll be the year of  “SPECIAL EFFECTS”. A lot of challenges came with special effects but God turned it to testimonies with a special effect! Lemme just share 1.

So March this year I was to resume school but no money to pay for my fees (private university). While mum and I were just thinking how, how, how, how to do it, my mum’s father died! Gobe!!! Being a chief the ceremony was a lot of money and my mum is the first child. That same March we were also to the rent of the house. Ladies and gentlemen that same March my mum was to write her exams. I’m sure you will agree with me now that indeed the challenges came in with special effects. 

Sincerely, I became doubtful, really doubtful but the word of God kept coming to me and I kept praying. The truth is I don’t know what God did, I don’t know how He did it but I paid my fees and went to school, my mum went for the burial. I saw the video it was amazing, she paid the rent and she still had extra left! Somehow her timetable was arranged and it favoured her, she wrote all her papers well. 

There are a lot more but let this fact stick to your mind – God is alive and able, not just able but able in a special way. 

Doubt will come but don’t let it have a place in you. 

Hallelujah to God. 
God bless you!


Rowland Bassey is a young Christian lad. He is also an undergraduate at the prestigious Bells University. He blogs on


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