Day 2 #12DaysOfThanksgiving

A thousand times I’ve failed, still Your mercy remains! Nothing can separate even if I ran away – Your love never fails! I know I still make mistakes, but You have new mercies for me every day – Your love never fails!!!

GOD has been good to me this year. My fathers-in-the-LORD pronounced it my year of Heaven on earth, my year of Great Grace and my year of Jubilations. I entered into 2015 expecting big things to happen for me. GOD didn’t fail me this year – in fact, I have been moving from one triumph to the next. Mighty miracles have happened for me every single month of the year since January. 
The most recent in the long list of things that He has done for me has to do with my academics. I went back to school to get a Masters degree in Computer Science and there was this one course I was really battling with. I didn’t think I knew the course at all! It turns out, at the end of the semester (which was just a few days ago), I got a B in the class I thought I would get a C or D in. It couldn’t have been me! There is no way on earth I could get an 80 on that class – it could only have been GOD! No one can do the things He does.

The most memorable thing He did for me this year happened in August. In the month of May, I felt led to sow my laptop as a seed on the altar. I took my Isaac, sold it and paid the proceeds into the church’s bank account. Here I was with no money and no laptop – I was a young man without a “future”. Between June the month after the seed was sown and August, GOD literally embarrassed me with miracles. Someone called me and asked where my laptop was. I told her I didn’t have one. Two days later, her husband called me and gave me a brand new laptop, much better than the one I had sown!

Someone refunded the money my parents spent on my ticket to the US; another person paid $200 for my SEVIS fee, unprecedented favor was waiting for me at every corner.

GOD has just been amazing and I am so grateful! Like Abraham, I raise an altar of praise unto His Holy name.
Of a truth, GOD is no respecter of persons – I am a living witness to this!!!

GOD’S servant, Papa Oyedepo has declared that in 2016, I am rolling from glory to glory. I am so expectant about what GOD is set to do in the 52 weeks that 2016 has to offer! He has never failed, He will never fail, He can never fail!!!


David Odeleye is a Computer Scientist, music minister, pastoral assistant/ministerial mentee.

Twitter: @DavidOdeleye


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