Day 1 #12DaysOfThanksgiving

Hello dear people. Its Christmas week!!! Merry Christmas! Lots of excitement in the air already. I do sincerely apologize for not starting off the series as scheduled yesterday. Network wahala. Thankfully it’s been resolved. Without further ado, here’s today’s edition of #12DaysOfThanksgiving written by a dear friend Bolu Onasanya



If you ever spend a minute in any motor park in South-West Nigeria, you will probably have come across a man raising both hands in the air and many times a leg as well, paying homage to another respected individual. They will usually say, “Two hands up for one person”. This act suggests to me that they affirm that the person to which this homage is shown is a superior power to them. 

You better know that every time you raise both hands, you exercise vulnerability. Even in a stick up (robbery) or whenever an arrest is being made, raised hands means you surrender to an authority, whether you are forced or by your own volition. 
I have learnt in my short period on earth that the fastest way to success is raised hands. David raised his hands more than he fought with his hands. Solomon gave a huge sacrifice with raised hands. I raise my hands and yet I slay. He teaches my hands to make wealth – raised hands. Raised hands off my abilities, slaying with the hands of God. I am a god. 

I don’t intend for this piece to be long, explaining why you should be grateful or live a lifestyle of thanksgiving. No. I intend for this to be one of the shortest you have read in a while. My message is that the smartest thing you can do in life is raise your hands daily and let God work through you. Stop trying to think you worked things out by yourself. Surrender to God with thanksgiving in your heart. Thank God for what you see and what you don’t. Thank Him for Him and for you. Look beyond you. Look unto Him. 

Like a victim of a stick up or a person who is caught on a crime by the police (it’s not like you’ve been sinless – God nabbed you on your worst sin). Like a motorist in a Nigerian motor park. Like a person who is about to be searched. Like a person who is being disciplined. Like a grateful heart filled with thanksgiving for all that you are and all that you have, I beseech you to RAISE YOUR HANDS till you can touch the skies. Raise your hands that God may raise you up. Raise your hands that God may work in you. Raise your hand because that was what Moses did while Joshua and the rest of Israel fought the war and they won because Moses didn’t fight but surrendered. 
Raise your hands because OLUWA IS INVOLVED. 

Bolu Onasanya

Author, 3 books (including RED EYE); Social Entrepreneur; Corporate Strategist, Organization Builder & Business Administrator/Manager; Associate Fellow, Royal Commonwealth Society; Public Speaker; Radio Show Host.

Social Media: @BoluOnasanya


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