Introducing #12DaysOfThanksgiving

Hello dear people. Hope your weekend got off to a great start. I made a promise yesterday, its time to make good on my word.

Its that time of year again…the end! Most people look through the year in regret, wondering how time grew wings and flew off. Others happy that they were able to make good use of their time and yield considerable results. Some others already planning and strategizing ahead of the next set of 365 days. So much hustle and bustle. All the programs and parties as well. Owambe tins. Lol

Hold up! Wait a minute! We hardly ever take out time to enjoy the moment. Count our blessings and be grateful for the journey so far, gather strength even as we keep pressing on.

I’m trusting God this series will do just that!  So, here’s presenting


12 Days

12 People

12 Accounts… Declaring the Goodness of God!

20th-31st December, 2015


You can join up on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp with the hash tag #12DaysOfThanksgiving Together, let’s give thanks!

Keep it locked down on this space!!!



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