#ThankfulThursday #TestimonyThursday

Good evening dear people. I’m sorry for the hiatus. I wrote this post two weeks ago but network wahala didn’t let me publish it. I’m still going to put it up, and later on put up the post for today. You get two posts for the price of one today 😀


Hellooooo lovely people! Hope you’ve had a fantastic week so far. I’ve been to six different states in Nigeria in the past week! Ajala tins. Lol. Its been so fun and tasking. *whew* Don’t let me gist away and forget the purpose of this post. *covers face* So, let’s get to it.

First up, I’m thankful for journey mercies.  Smooth trips, traffic free roads, thank God!

My Ajala tins took me to Edo state, the last stop on the map. I have obeyed Nigeria’s call and you can now refer to me as ‘otondo’. Hehehe. I’m thankful to God for this new phase, for provision and protection, I’m grateful for the journey and excited about His plans for me this next year.

A testimony as well. I forgot my Call Up Letter at the first checkpoint in Camp. As I moved on to the next one, the Holy Spirit prompted me to look for it. That was how I discovered I forgot it! I dashed back to find the lady there waving it at me. I thank God I found it with little or no stress. More importantly, I’m thankful I obeyed immediately and was saved from possible inconveniences.

Last up on today’s #ThankfulThursdayTestimonyThursday post, I’m thankful for two things- my business, as well as supportive friends and family. In the last week, its been from one deadline to the other. Thank God I scaled through. Special thanks to Demilade. I appreciate your help this past week.

Alright dear people. What are you thankful for? Pray, share!


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