Thoughts to Share…

Helloooo! Happy Sunday! Hope you were able to catch a breath today after all the hustle and bustle of the long weekend. Well, tomorrow is Monday, and it’s back to work. A portal of possibilities opened… Take advantage of it! 
Tonight, I have a few things that stuck out for me in the course of the day and I thought to share with you. Do let me know what you think. Thanks. 
Last Wednesday, the Eid celebrations were to commence the next day, and thanks to all the festivities in town, there was lots of traffic. I was out and trying to make my way back home. The journey had been almost uneventful until I got to the last park where I was to board the last taxi for my homeward trip. I was about to enter when the driver said “Aunty, it’s #70”. I was amazed! This is a trip that usually costs #50. I asked him the reason for the sudden hike in taxi fare. His retort “It’s Sallah break, we must increase the fares”. I was both sad and angry. 
You might ask why. What difference exactly does #20 make, abi? A lot! In a nation where a large number of people are battling with unemployment, salaries are still unpaid in some states, lots of people live on less than a dollar a day… #20 is a big deal!
I am privileged many times to hear people talk about Nigeria’s anti graft war. Most people blame the leadership and politicians for the high level of corruption in the country. Lots of finger pointing and name calling is done. Every time I get the chance, I ask people, “what have YOU done to fight it?” 
The change mantra is almost stale. People are tired of hearing it. I will keep saying it, leadership is but a reflection of the society. If you cannot put the Nigerian interest above your personal interest within your little sphere of influence, you shouldn’t complain about the state of things. 
I’ll leave you with the words of Barrack Obama “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change we seek.”
Have a lovely new week! Stay blessed!


One comment on “Thoughts to Share…

  1. Correct! A wise man once told me, “People get the kind of leadership they deserve”. For the most part, I think we are own greatest problem!

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