Introducing #ThankfulThursday #TestimonyThursday

Hello people! Hope you had a great day. It’s the middle of the month…time flies mehn! 24 hours feels like the blink of an eye at times.

Anyways, a while ago, I decided to take my writing more seriously and be on here more often. To do that, I realized that consistency was the only key to making that happen. To that end, I decided to start off one or two segments on here that would require me to write every week. (So help me God!) 
The first thing that came to my mind was a testimony column. Nothing boosts your faith more than hearing what mighty things God has done in the life of someone. Knowing that awesome things happen in our days, not just in Bible times is really very encouraging. He’s the same God! Hasn’t changed. 

I wrote the bulk of this post two days ago and was just going to leave it as an introduction without necessarily sharing anything I’m grateful for or giving a testimony, but trust God to give me a testimony I cannot but share today! More than one sef. 

I just want to thank God for safety and protection. I’ve had car issues for a while. Fix this one today, fix that one tomorrow. Been annoying at times! Anyways, I was meant to take my immediate younger brother shopping for sewing supplies. We set off and the journey was not so bad at first. Along the way, the car stopped getting into gear right there in the middle of the road! I managed to maneuver it to the side of the road to try and figure out a way to make it work. Trust Nigerians. Hehehe. Raining all sorts of abuses. Chai! In the hot sun again. But I thank God. I was able to at least get it to gear one and take it to the mechanics. They did some first aid, identified what was wrong, but there wasn’t much they could do to fix it on the spot. Talk about reorganizing my day for me! Thankfully, the market was just a stone throw from the mechanics. My brother and I did some quick shopping. Thank God the trip wasn’t wasted eventually. Dad decided we should bring the car home. Here is where the testimony lies for me… I drove for almost 1 hour 45 minutes at a speed of less than 20kmph on the main road!!! This was on traffic free roads, so you can imagine the distance from the market home. I’m so thankful that throughout the ordeal, I didn’t hit anyone and no one hit me. God brought us home safe! Somebody praise The Lord!!!!!

So, I’m inviting you all to head on here every Thursday. Let’s declare and proclaim the goodness of The Lord our God to the ends of the Earth. 

P.S. I’ll like you to listen to Tye Tribbet’s Same God. I can’t do downloads from this device so I don’t think I can share a download link but please be kind enough to drop the link in the comments section if you can. Thanks.


7 comments on “Introducing #ThankfulThursday #TestimonyThursday

  1. Awwwwww!!!! Thank God for his faithfulness in your life…I had accidents twice in 24 hours whilst driving. Its been God. May he always put testimonies in our mouths. Btw, i know you are a terrible driver 😝

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