To True Friendship…

So once again, I’ve been away. This time even I know I was away for far too long. I do sincerely apologize. So, to make up for that, I have two posts to share in the next 48 hours. Enjoy…

Bolu Onasanya

I came across this on a friend’s display picture sometime ago and I was amused by the manner in which this profound truth was expressed. It struck me that the friendships I’ve enjoyed the most are those that happened somewhat unexpectedly, even almost accidentally. The ones I had almost zero expectation from but blossomed to beyond what I could imagine.

When it comes to choosing friends, I found out that as I grew up, I became very cautious in my selection. I very well understood the negative and positive aspects of peer pressure, so I guess that influenced my careful nature. You see, I don’t have so many friends, but I absolutely cherish the few I have. So to these cherished ones, the ones who I have gotten in trouble with, had madt fun with, cried with, danced with, laughed with, studied with, done business with, learnt to know and love God from, and the ones I’ve ‘unfriended’ sef, I say “Thank you!” Here’s to many more years together. And to the friends I’ve not yet made, there’s always room for more. *wink*

I can’t however end this post without talking about the very best friend ever! “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” Someone loved you and I so much that he gave his life for us. Jesus! No matter the number of friends you have, if you don’t have him as a friend, you’ve not experienced true friendship. He’s that friend that sticks closer than a brother. Always there through the good and the bad times. If he’s not already your friend, why don’t you take a minute now and ask him into your heart. Trust me, it’s the best decision you’ll ever make.


5 comments on “To True Friendship…

  1. Great piece Damilola! More ink to your pen and more inspirations to your great mind!


    We unconsciously select our friends whether we like it or not just as our friends do the same, our ideals about friendship and those qualified for the tag are most times hewn into our subconscious and thus we find ourselves unintentionally drawing close to those who match those Prerequisites.

    But once again its most important to be drawn to and be in an everblossoming relationship with he who loved us even before our Creation and will always be there even when the whole world deserts us!

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