Anniversaries!… / Just For Laughs

Hello people! It’s been quite a while. I’ve been absorbed in work and I’ve barely had time to breathe, but thankfully, I’m still standing. Today’s post is in three parts… two anniversary celebrations and some gist I just needed to share with someone.

First off, my parents’ wedding anniversary is today! I’m so happy and thankful to God for them. They have remained a constant source of support and inspiration all this while. I pray that God gives them many more blissful years together. I love you mum and dad xoxo

Second, this blog turned one two days ago! Yaay! It’s a bittersweet feeling for me. On one hand, I’m glad I’ve come this far. I’ve had lots of feedback. Thank you very much for reading, your kind comments and also spreading the word. *blows kisses* On the other hand, I wish I had put in more into this. I thought that by now, I’ll have at least 36 posts but I have just 7 (including this) *covers face* I know definitely, things will take a turn for the better this year.

And finally to the gist I have been itching to share… this morning I had this conversation with three of my colleagues on some embarrassing experiences they’ve had as regards being strapped for cash at the wrongest of times! The first one shared an experience on how he had gone grocery shopping at a popular mall only to discover that he had misplaced #3,000 as he was about to pay at the counter. Luckily for him, he sighted an old friend that loaned him the money till he was able to use the nearest ATM. The second guy told us how one day he left his main babe at home and then went to a fish joint with his side chic. After wolfing down #5,000 worth of food, he discovered that he did not have a kobo on him. He broke out into a cold sweat while pondering how to handle the situation. He finally summoned courage and spoke to the owner of the fish joint. She let him go since he was a regular customer. We had such good laughs this morning. 

Fast forward a few hours… I’m here at work waiting to be attended to and the bread and egg I had for brekkie had looong digested. I decided to drive down to a nearby eatery to give myself a nice Sunday afternoon treat. Just as I was about to step out of the car, something told me to check how much money I had to determine how much I can spend. Lo and behold, the section of my bag that I keep my money in was empty! How did my money and ATM cards suddenly disappear? Then it hit me! As I changed my bag this morning, I forgot to transfer the money and ATM cards into the new bag. *women and to match palaver* I had been penniless all day! All the hunger evaporated fiam! I just sat there in the parking lot laughing. I remembered that while we had the early morning gist, I was the only one that had never had such an experience. Guess it was my turn today.

That’s all for now folks. I wish you a fruitful week. Stay blessed! 


13 comments on “Anniversaries!… / Just For Laughs

  1. Thank God you hadn’t bought anything yet. I guess they may have held your “to-match” bag in detention while you fetch their money. Beautiful piece. More power to your writing hands and more inspirations from above. And congratulations to your parents too!

  2. Discovering U don’t have money at a counter is no problem at long as U hadn’t started eating part of the things U wanted to pay for. I’ll simply say “Oops..i guess I ‘ll have to return everything. I think I just got some money lost”. Disappear immediately after. For U..thank God U discovered on time that U were penniless.
    My experience happened as a corper. Serving in far away Calabar, I took a few days off work and deliberately spent an extra day at home without permission from work. On my return trip, i got to Calculux bus terminal in Jibowu and attempted yo withdraw the last 7k in my account. Next thing was an alert on nut phone without the cash in my hands. I almost went berserk. Realising i had little time to pay and proceed with d journey, i quickly summoned courage to beg a guy to pay my fare. He paid , after i told him where i worked, and i returned d money two days after. Since then, i have always taken special precaution with the last card in my account. Happy Anniversaries.

  3. I invented mine at age 11. Tfare was 7naira and I had d 7naira but decided to act embarrased just to save my one naira to buy baba dudu to eat on my way home. I properly hid d 1naira in my sch bag where only me can find and I started acting for the bus conductor. Eventually they let the silly little boy go. I bought my baba dudu nd enjoyed it.

  4. I like the subtle humor, it was engaging, wish you write more though, for your blog turning one, “Bon Anniversaire”, and yes a Happy Anniversary to your folks too!

  5. Wow!

    1. Congrats to ur parents
    2. Weldone with blogging
    3. The first guy cud ave used POS na, @the2ndGuy, he left his babe @ home and then went out with a side-chic? (No words for that fellow o)

    *smiles* thank GOD u checked before going in…*laughs in whispers*

    Nicely written!

  6. 1) big shout out to ur folks
    2) I can’t remember spending as much as 3k in a fish joint so 5k is just outrageous really for 2 people …cmon!! how many plates d girl chop na?
    3)ur blog is going to get bigger with time,no worries.i know all these major ones we got now had to endure d test of time..took almost a decade for most to take off. Patience and dedication is KEY
    4)I always have an emergency stash in my car.just in case u feel me..
    5)lovely piece young Lady.

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