Arise O Compatriots!

I remember a story my mum told me about how when she was pregnant for me,  one of her cousins had offered her an all expense paid trip to England for the delivery. At the last moment, my dad declined the offer, so I was born in Nigeria. For a long time, I always wondered how things would have turned out differently for me if my dad had only said yes. I probably would be flashing my red passport around instead of a green one.

Up till my teenage years, I never thought anything good could come out of Nigeria. I couldn’t wait to grow up and catch the next flight out of Nigeria and never turn back. I saw how the ‘janded’ kids in school got more attention from the teachers, how aunties and uncles from all over the world seemed to be faring a lot better than those at home. Things however changed as I became older and I found out that my world view had been through the eyes of a child.

I joined organizations that helped me understand that it is not only the American dream; you can also have the Nigerian dream! We can sit and complain from dawn to dusk about the seemingly innumerable problems and issues that we face in Nigeria. The sad truth is this: talk is cheap and all our complaining, nagging and bickering does not change a thing!

I personally believe only in constructive criticism, identify the problem(s) and proffer possible solution(s). There is one message I continually preach: “Be the change you want to see!” I know, it sounds cliché, but it is the truth! A lot of us can see the faults of others but never our own faults. If each and every one of us can simply do what is right and not compromise, our collective effort will eventually make this country a better place. Don’t use those substandard materials on that project, don’t give your family member the job when he clearly doesn’t merit it, don’t see that uncle so that he can help you with your admission even when you know you don’t have five credits… the list is endless.

If only we can imbibe the culture of integrity and honesty in our daily living, we would spark a change that would turn Nigeria around and make it the best place to be on Earth! The grass is not greener on the other side. Water your grass, expose it to sunlight, put fertilizer on it, and it would flourish! God bless Nigeria!


19 comments on “Arise O Compatriots!

  1. Nice post, I like this inparticular “if only we can imbibe the culture of integrity and honesty in our daily living, we would spark a change that would turn Nigeria around and make it the best place to be on Earth!” Ill tweet that and refrence this blog, I hope I’m allowed. Lol thumbs up.

  2. This is nice dammy…….i think the word for youths in nigeria is ‘ask for what you can do for your country and not what your country can do for you’

  3. Very inspiring! Nigeria needs the quality of people that run out there for better life. I’ve not had a thought of why I wasn’t born a citizen of another country. Nigeria needs you, me and everyone of us. Thank God your dad said NO! God bless you and God bless Nigeria!

  4. I have become a cynic! One person working alone does not make a change. Look around you, how many people want to make the difference to live right? Zilch, even people who spout sermons on change are living crooked lives. What we need is Rawlings in Nigeria, not more sermons on change. When people begin to drop dead from iniquity without a chance to repent, change will come. Great article!

    • Very true let’s not try to pretend about the situation of this country….we been fooled over and again ppl are just so callous, u know me,myself and I.something will never change that’s talking about the system bribery on a high spate still goes on 24/7 all across the border of our nations including airport and seaports.
      I guess my brother labelled cynic actually got it right we are in dire need of a leader like Jerry Rawlings is what we need to move this nation forward.

  5. “Water the grass and expose it to sunlight”. I loved that! Americans built America, Brits built England. Oya let’s build Nigeria! Great work hon…the writing is superb too!

  6. Well said! Our history of corruption and bad experiences doesn’t have to define our future… Let’s keep spreading the word!

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