Our Cowardly Government

Hello everyone. I hope it’s not too late to wish you a happy new month. So much has happened in the past month. The political climate in Nigeria has been a bit tense. My brother shared his thoughts on an issue that has made the rounds and has been a topic of heated debates in the last few weeks- amnesty for boko haram members. Leave your thoughts and let’s rub minds together.

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I was browsing through my timeline on twitter when I saw this tweet.
“@issy_li: Niger Delta militant – 75k/month, Boko Haram – 100k/month, NYSC – 19,800/month, mimimum wage (civil service) – 18,900/month Choose wisely” and it really got me thinking…..

What kind of message is our government giving us. Is the solution for a youth in this country today to result to mindless violence?
How does a government justify paying 100k per month to uneducated terrorists, all in a ploy to keep them under control? This is so wrong when an educated youth corper is given an allowance of N19,800 for serving his country.
How can they justify this when the minimum wage for a hard working person, who could have probably also picked up a gun to terrorise citizens of this nation is a meagre N18,900.
This is just further evidence to prove how our government celebrates and embraces…

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