Celebrating Women of Virtue…

Before I go into today’s post, I must first of all say “Happy New Year!” Weird right? Well, sad as it may seem, this is my first post for the year. I know we’re in third month already but I guess I got caught up in so many things. I promise that won’t happen again.

So, its International Women’s Day. A special day set aside to celebrate women worldwide. Today, I pay tribute to three fabulous women who have been sources of inspiration to me.

The first woman is a mother indeed. She has a passion for vulnerable women and children. She takes them into her home, feeds and clothes them, empowering them in any and every way she knows how to. She is Mrs. Remi Alade, the owner of Starlite College, Ibadan and E.M. Kinderland School, Ibadan and also the founder of Lifeline Care Foundation. She constantly inspires me because of her kind heart and compassionate nature. She is ever willing to give and help.6916_156932319826_1084577_n

Second up is Reverend Mrs. Funke Adetuberu. I met her as a young girl because my mum was one of her students at the Women College of Ministry, Ibadan. This woman of God has continued to wax strong over the years. She has dedicated her life to raising ‘Daughters of Zion’. One of the things I admire most about her is her ever open and down to earth nature. She is unlike the typical famous preacher as she carries no airs around herself. She is a ‘people person’. I remember one Saturday that I could n’t make it to class (I am currently attending the Women College of Ministry), she pinged me the next week to check on me and ask if I was fine. She is ever caring and supportive.IMG_20130308_00113955

Last but not the least is my biological mother, Mrs. Yemisi Ayorinde, the first woman I ever knew. She is not only my mother but my sister and best friend. She constantly inspires me to be a source of encouragement wherever I go. She constantly says, “Never put anyone down. Make them feel important. God hasn’t finished with them.” She cannot stand the sight of anyone in need and not offer help in whatever form. She has taught me the power in prayer. She is ever determined and a go-getter.

I leave you with this quote today from Sir Winston Churchill, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” To every girl, lady and woman, you are not just you, but the mother of a nation. Don’t live as just a blessed person, be a blessing!


12 comments on “Celebrating Women of Virtue…

  1. Well done Dami. Pastor Adetuberu is a huge inspiration truly. I’m so glad you attend Women College of Ministry – all the best at it missy.
    Your mum is another amazing woman I’ve ever met also – beautiful inside and outside.

    You’re a woman of virtue also Damilola. Well done Sis.

  2. That was a lovely piece, am also a living witness to the lives of Mrs Remi Alade(I attended E.M.Kinderland) and Rev Mrs Funke Adetuberu(Am an ardent listener of her messages). God bless them for us.

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