Angels In Our Midst

It’s World Teacher’s Day. People all around the world gather to celebrate these great men and women who have spent their lives moulding the next generation of citizens.

Education is the bedrock of any society. We are quick to utter this statement. Sadly, most times we are just paying lip service. Teachers go unappreciated most of the time for all the hardwork they put in. I dare say that a  teacher’s reward should not just be in heaven!

I can boldly say that my teachers contributed immensely to the way my life has turned out. I remember how I never particularly liked Mathematics and just struggled to get by throughout my years in Junior Secondary School.

In Senior Secondary School, things took a different turn when I got new teachers. I so fell in love with the subject because of the approach of these new teachers that I started attending Further Maths classes for fun even though I was in the Arts Class. Eventually, I had the same grade in both Mathematics and English Language in my WASSCE. That feat I never would have imagined possible. My romance with Mathematics is still very much intact.

That is just one of the many testimonies I have thanks to the influence and impact of great teachers!

Interestingly, I had the opportunity in the course of my service year to take up this noble profession. I remember how I loathed the idea initially. I tried all I could to ensure that I spent that year as a broadcaster and definitely not a teacher. I was blind to this golden opportunity I had been presented with. It turned out to be one of my most fulfilling experiences. I was able to mentor some of my students and I’m hopeful that someday soon, I’ll hear great things concerning them.

Who is that teacher you’ll never forget and why? Are you a teacher? What do you find most rewarding about the job? Let’s light up the comments section.

In whatever way you can, please celebrate the angels in our midst. Happy Teacher’s Day!



Make it Count

Happy new month! Yup. May is here. Five months into 2017 already. I hope you’re enjoying the holiday today. 🙂

I’ve had this post in my head for almost two weeks now, but I’m convinced it’s time to finally share it. I hope it blesses you. 


Years ago, a very interesting sermon was preached at the Teen Church I attended, Jesus Cadet by Seun Aina. I never forgot it. She began by asking everyone one present to write the epitaph we want on our gravestones. It set all of us thinking. That till date for me has to be one of the oddest ways to begin a sermon.

No one prays to die but it’s the inevitable end for each person. We can’t stay on Earth forever. My poser for you (and even me) today is this – If you by some stroke of luck got to know the day you will leave this world, would you continue to live your life the same way?

For me, a life of fulfilment is one that honours God and blesses people! What testimony do people have of you? Is your presence or impact felt at work, school, in your community?

Are you making the most of your present circumstances? Are you giving expression to the talents, gifts and abilities God put within you?

I’ve lived with this consciousness for a few years, call it a mantra if you will – No matter how short my stay might be wherever I go, my absence must be felt



Source: Google

As much as it’s important to leave a legacy on Earth, the most important thing is living in the light of eternity. If you haven’t, it’s not too late to get it right with our Heavenly Father. He’s waiting for you with arms open wide.

For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?
Mark 8:36

It’s just one life. Make it count!

6 Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Service Year

As I walked through the mall a few weeks ago, I bumped into corp memebers at almost every turn. This time last year I was also an ‘otondo’. My Primary Place of Assignment was a secondary school and I had a great time teaching and mentoring the students. I was able to do one or two projects in the school and that for me was very rewarding. I began to think on that one year experience-lessons I learnt, things I achieved and things I wish I did then. Immediately, the inspiration for this post came up.

Here are a couple of ways I feel you can maximize your experience and time in the course of the service year.

#1. Work on Developing Your Career. Right from camp different professional bodies offer their courses to corps members at highly subsidized rates. It won’t be bad to invest in at least one of these professional courses. It would sure be a good way to boost your CV. If you intend to further your education immeadiately the service year is over, you should begin filling out applications. The process for some schools especially for those who prefer to study abroad might take up to a year. The earlier you start, the better.

#2. Take Advantage of the Skill Acquisition Classes.
SAED classes on camp might seem like a bore and the perfect gisting spot. Be not deceived. It’s actually a pretty good platform to learn something that might later on become an extra stream of income for you. An extra skill learnt would come in handy one day.

#3. Start Your Business.
It doesn’t have to be on such a grand scale but it’s a good time to start off that business idea you have had in the works for so long. You have access to a market- your fellow corps members, and of course people in your host community. You can actually make money and even save up during the service year. Every CDS meeting day and General CDS can be your own market day.

#4. Meet People.
That’s plain English for networking. Lol. It’s a lovely experience interacting with people from different parts of the nation. People have met their future spouses, business partners, you name it in the course of the service year. You can never tell where life would throw you. It sure would be good to have a friend there.

#5. Give Back to Your Host Community.
Community development is a cause I feel lots of Nigerians are not passionate about. And that’s not good enough. The service year is a time you should look to give back to the society. Most people use money as an excuse but it ought not to be so. As little as getting fellow corp members to clear the drainage system say once a month to prevent flooding, or free extra mural classes for students in the area go a long way. It doesn’t have to cost much, it’s the heart that matters.

#6. Travel.
I don’t mean out of your state o. Biko. You don’t want NYSC wahala. Lol. Take the time though to explore the state. There would be one or two local tourist attractions where you can have a great time as well as learn about the culture and history of your host community.

Have you gone for the mandatory NYSC? Do share your experience, the highs and lows in the comments section.

Marching Forward

Happy new month!!!! It’s the last month in the first quarter of 2017. Just like you, I feel like the year 2017 has no chill. Lol. It feels like the year began just yesterday and now, in the twinkle of an eye, we’re here! 
I hope you have gone back to the goals and resolutions you set for the year and you’re progressively working to make them a reality. Time waits for no one. 

If you noticed, I’ve been AWOL. I sort of took a break from blogging. I must confess I got bored at some point. *covers face* It had become monotonous for me and well, to be honest I hadn’t put much work into developing new content to make things fun again. I had to ask myself some hard questions, like why I started blogging in the first place and the things I hoped to achieve with the blog. 

Here’s me telling you to get ready! There will be some changes on the blog and I sincerely hope you love it. Seat back, relax and enjoy the ride!
P.S. Is there something you’ll love to see on here? Please share in the comments section. Thanks. 

#ThankfulThursday #TestimonyThursday

Happy New Year!!! It’s the first Thursday in 2017 and I’m super excited and grateful!

I thank God for life! I can never take the gift of life for granted. It sounds cliché but so many people shouted “Happy New Year” but never lived to see the next day. God has been gracious and merciful and I’m grateful!

Divine protection! Journey mercies. As is common during the yuletide season I travelled to celebrate and spend the time with friends and family. The journey was smooth to and fro. I bless God.

2017 was prophesied to be a year of pleasant surprises. I’m thankful for the move of God in this regard that I have already experienced. I remember a post by Nathaniel Bassey towards the end of 2016 about unexpected bank alerts.



I tapped into it and said a big amen! To the glory of God I have started seeing the manifestations! Hallelujah! Indeed, God is good!

What are you thankful for? Pray, share!

#ThankfulThursday #TestimonyThursday

Hello there. I hope you are having a fab day and getting set for the weekend and of course the Yuletide celebrations. Odun a bawa layo o.

Another seven days have gone by and I’m here again to proclaim the goodness of Yahweh! Do join me and give Him thanks too!

I’m thankful today for the reminder God gave me at the start of this week of the fact that a heart of thanksgiving is first a choice. You see, like every human being, I have a tendency to forget the benefits of the Lord and dwell instead on that long list of prayer points, hopes, dreams and what have you that haven’t materialised. In doing that it’s easy to lose sight of what God has done. That reminder was much needed!

Bless the Lord O Damilola’s soul and forget not His benefits.

On to one of the wonderful things God did this week, at the very last minute, my husband and I got VIP seats to the DayStar Carol onSunday! It was an awesome experience!!! We had tried to register online but all the halls were fully booked. And this was an event I had looked forward to. One of my dear uncles was meant to help us get seats but even that seemed like mission impossible at a point. I had lost hope and decided worst case scenario we watch it on TV. But God came through!We had a great time and danced till our bodies ached! The Fuji after partttttyyy! Nothing like a great time in the presence of Abba.

I also thank God for divine provision. God has been faithful. He is in the business of meeting me at the very point of my need.

I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken , nor his seed begging bread.
Psalm 37:25

I’m also grateful for someone so special today. Our relationship has evolved from colleague to friend to sister. She has been a wonderful pillar of support, gist partner, prayer partner, worship partner, cinema buddy, you name it! And on Saturday by God’s grace she’s going to walk down the aisle and join the Mrs club! I’m so glad at what God is doing through you Ibukun and I have no doubt that your home is blessed. Happy married life hun.


What are you thankful for? Pray, share!

#ThankfulThursday #TestimonyThursday

Hello lovely people! Welcome to December! It’s another Thursday, and as is my practice (when the words leave my head and make it to the keyboard) I’m here to testify to the goodness of Eledumare and appreciate Him once again for the many miracles around me. 

I’m thankful to God for divine provision, protection, mercy and favor He showered on my family and I as we got set for my wedding. He sent forth His word and truly, His words did not fall to the ground. His promises He fulfilled. Uwese Baba. 

I thank God for the lovely people he placed around me. From vendors that turned family, to the amazing friends and family around me! I thank God. He indeed raised men for my sake! Prayers, presents, and presence. I’m indeed grateful for the love that was showered on me. May God bless you all. 

What are you thankful for? Pray, share!

#ThankfulThursday #TestimonyThursday

It’s another Thursday, and my internal alarm had beeped twice or so in the course of the day reminding me that I hadn’t written anything to post today. My emotions have been a roller coaster in the last couple of weeks and I realized it’s easy to overlook God’s faithfulness so many times and begin to question if there is indeed anything to be thankful for. But trust me, there are! Tonnes of things in fact. 

So, today, I’m thankful for the lesson that this experience has brought me. I must be intentional about thanksgiving. To be honest, that was part of why I started this series a while back. It was a conscious effort to be intentional in my gratitude to God for EVERYTHING! Big, small, in between. 

I’m also thankful for the leading of the Holy Spirit. I attended a number of sessions of the 2016 Camp Meeting of Kisses and Hugs Club, a ministry for singles and married led by Pastors Dunamis and Sophia Okunowo last weekend. It literarily set my spirit man on fire!!! I had such a busy weekend and a lot on my plate and it was a huge sacrifice to create the time to attend but I am glad, in fact overjoyed, that I obeyed and went. I met God! Chai! I experienced God! Words in season came forth. Lots of testimonies too. I’ll urge you to get the CDs of the Camp Meeting when they’re out and listen. The messages were FIRE!!!

I thank God for the wonderful people he has placed around me. My biological family and of course my spiritual family. I’m thankful for the pillars of strength God has sent to me. People. We need people. I thank God for the people he has placed in my life. 

What are you thankful for? Pray, share!

P.S. If you haven’t heard Onise Iyanu by Nathaniel Bassey, please get it. We serve a God of awesome wonders that creation adores. You don’t want stones praising Him in your place!

#ThankfulThursday #TestimonyThursday

It’s exactly 58 days to the end of 2016!!! Happy new month! I can almost smell Christmas. Lol. I’m thankful today for the gift of life, sound health and sound mind. 2016 has been an eventful year. I’m thankful for where I am and definitely excited about what God has in store for the rest of the year.  

It’s just 3 days into the new month and I have testimonies already! I got surprise gifts from two people. God used them to meet me at the exact point of my need! I was just blown away about how detailed God is in dealing with us. 

I’m thankful for God’s word! Don’t know about you but when I stumble on a scripture and it speaks to my immediate situation, there’s just this unexplainable joy that comes with it. I have quite a lot on my plate this month and it got me worried at some point. In the course of the week, someone in a Christian ladies group I belong to mentioned this scripture and GBAM! I’ve been stewing on it everyday and telling it to myself. 

I’ve told you all this so that trusting me, you will be unshakable and assured, deeply at peace. In this godless world you will continue to experience difficulties. But take heart! I’ve conquered the world.””

‭‭John‬ ‭16:33‬ ‭MSG‬‬

I’m grateful for good music! I love music a whole lot and I make an extra effort to streamline what I listen to.  I recently found a Bethel Music album on my phone –  Be Lifted High. Listening to this album has been a tremendous blessing. It’s been on repeat almost everywhere I go now. 

Lastly today, I give God thanks for my brother, Demilade. He is moving from corper to gold tomorrow. It’s been one year of serving the fatherland. I thank God for the opportunities and experience he has gained in the past year. It’s the start of something great for him, surely as The Lord lives!

What are you thankful for? Pray, share!

#ThankfulThursday #TestimonyThursday

That’s my first testimony this Thursday. NYSC done and dusted! The past year has been pretty eventful. Highs and lows, tears and drama, lots of laughter and love too, new experiences, some culture shock, friendships forged… All in all, I’m thankful! I answered Nigeria’s clarion call and had an awesome experience. All glory to Jehovah!

One of the not so fun parts of the NYSC year is the #19,800 life. I wondered how I was going to survive. Jehovah Jireh never once failed me. Ha! Divine provision left, right and centre! Oba ti o d’oju tini! Mo s’eba re!

Last and definitely not the list on my #GratitudeList this Thursday is the fact that I’m a year older tomorrow!!! It’s the Silver Jubilee! Yippee! All I’ll ask is that you say a prayer of thanksgiving for me. God has been faithful.  If you feel led to send me a gift feel free to holla. *wink*

What are you thankful for? Pray, share!